an A-Z of affairs

Paul Redfern's accounts of some of his relationships with women vary from the hilarious to the lustful, include death and lifelong friendships, are set in places from Moscow to Morocco, Berlin to Istanbul, and in times from the 'forties to the 'nineties.

They're in different styles: many in the conventional first person, but some in the third person, and a few from the woman's viewpoint.

Eva photographed by Jeffrery Bernard (or was it Bruce?)

One long piece collects together some of the letters of the late Eva Johansen inside Redfern's reflections on their tortured relationship.

Eva photo by Paul Redfern

Read the draft Foreword here.

A possible cover design for the book


Someof the possible stories. The asterisk* marks those already written. Names have been changed to protect the guilty. Individual stories will be published at intervals here. See the front page 'News' each month.

Angela a churchwarden's daughter* Burton-on-Trent
Blondie a blonde bombshell* Birmingham
Cynthia a co-respondent Sheffield
Delia a wife enjoyed Budapest
Eva a gentleman's woeman Marylebone
Francine an English call-girl* Bayswater
Gertie a French mistress St Johns Wood
Hilary a country girl Chelsea
Isadore a mad writer Kensington
Jeanne a dance in the desert* Sahara
Kate a Portugese fuck-pig The City of London
Leila a language student Bloomsbury
Monica a music student* Ladbroke Grove
Nanette a deserted experience Oarzarzate
Olga love in Leningrad* Leningrad
Paulette a sporting girl* St Johns Wood
Queenie a client betrayed Whitehall
Ruth a sexy secretary Hampstead
Sally a singer seduced Covent Garden
Tina a bisexual baby* Bloomsbury
Una the eyes of an artist* East London
Vera a devoted doctor Middle England
Wendy a gang of four Marylebone
X the unknown girl* Berkeley Square
Yolande an antipodean nurse* Moscow
Zena a medical student Madrid

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