Business background

Writing services

  Paul Redfern offers a variety of services from business research and analysis through speech, script and report writing to corporate communications consultancy.


  In the early 90s, for example, he became an advisor to the chief executive of the NHS in Scotland, sitting on the Management Strategy Committee, attending workshops, and supervising the development of the Patients Charter (ahead of Englandís version). Subsequently the Cabinet Office asked the DoT to allow Redfern to overview BRís Passenger Charter, holding up publication for his restructuring and editing to sharpen up the document.

Medical and multi-media


  Redfern worked in advertising agencies for some time - including 5 years at JWT - but has now been freelance for thirty years. Originally he studied pre-clinical medicine, then went into the pharmaceutical industry. He specialised in advertising and marketing, and gradually expanded his activities, embracing all industries, but concentrating on the medical and technical. He became a proponent of multi-media presentations, and worked with many government departments - as well as multi-nationals - in evaluating business expertise and presenting marketing strategies.



  In particular he ran a series of export-oriented conferences for the COI and BOTB in all the main UK industrial centres. These featured case studies of local companies (large and small), enjoyed the participation of both management and union representatives, and were presented by the likes of Brian Redhead and Bob (Swingometer) Mackenzie. Redfern researched, wrote, directed and stage managed these conferences, which always included the presence of the Duke of Edinburgh or the Duke of Kent, and the Lord Mayor, Lord Lieutenant, or High Sheriff as appropriate.

Paul Redfern also has experience of interviewing experts throughout Europe and the US for documentary films, as well as inspecting and filming in factories of all types. He has travelled extensively in Eastern Europe and the Near East. and has visited the Arabian Gulf and Southern Africa on working trips.

Travel & photography
  Recently he has been writing articles on travel, the environment, and medicine; and has also been photographing French life and culture for a travel magazine. He has also edited his brother's new book on music photography.
  Healthcare books and murder mysteries are equally grist to Redfernís mill: and separate books on condoms and women are in preparation. Redfern is available to write articles, ads, brochures, scripts or speeches; edit your drafts for reports, monographs or books; and give you the benefit of his long experience in the writing game.

Paul Redfern writer/editor :

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