Projects for publication

AmourZ is an A-Z of stories from 26 affairs, with a linking commentary that sets the scene and would be, in effect, autobiographical. Half the stories and some of the background text have been written. Many of them are set outside the UK... see part of the proposal AmourZ book cover - draft
A Social (and anti-social) History of Smoking will be based on the changing treatments of smoking over the last couple of centuries, particularly in books, films, newspapers, and tobacco advertising. It could be a coffee table book, offering facsimiles of press and poster ads in glorious colour, as well as reproducing cartoons, stills from films, and artefacts - lighters, packs, cards, and so on... see part of the proposal A possible cover design

Motors in the Mind, a book on the car in fiction by Anthony North and Paul Redfern, is an appreciation of the motor vehicle in literature, with illustrations, quotations, and analysis. Each spread would feature a quote from the work, contemporary and current illustrations, technical details, and comment.

Trans-city Express - a journey across the home counties - is a travel book exploring a British railway line and its environs in the style of Francois Maspero’s Roissy Express (Verso 1994): one station a day, find accommodation nearby, talk to people, check out local history, take photographs.

Condoms: a serious business, on the history, manufacture, and marketing of condoms, is almost complete: it would need updating, and the contemporary marketing and advertising adding. It includes a review of population control, and contraceptive methods... see part of the proposal

The Mind Diseases is an A-Z of mental illness and wellness, in the style of The Love Diseases. It would explain in simple language the concepts behind the jargon doctors and other health professionals use, aim to demystify psychology and psychiatry, and put mental health problems in perspective.

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