How to send your copy for proof-reading or editing

If your text is in Quark Express or a similar program, you should be able to save each 'story' as an .rtf file and send it attached to an email. The editor will open the file in, say, Word or other word-processing program. He will make suggested changes with revisions set to be shown on screen. The edited copy can be sent back as an attachment to an email. The designer can bring the text up on screen and easily see what changes to make.

It's worth checking which programs we can open here: Word and PageMaker should be no problem, unless you are using a later version than we have here. In this case it may be necessary to save it in an earlier version, or as an .rtf.

We would edit the copy in Word and send it back with revisions showing - additions in underlined red; deletions in strikeout blue; and a red line in the margin marking every revision. Then, at your end, you can make the changes, or just insert the corrected copy.

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