THE NEWS: November 2014
"Welcome: read about copywriting, proof-reading, or editing - and have a look at my background.

"See some of the websites I've been working on. BCM is an advertising agency. I've updated the one for the late Terence Rigby (who died in August 08). I ran the old DNT website for seveal years.

"The Dalgarno Times is a newsletter I design. And Dalgarno News is another: download it from here.

"See my slant on The Writing Business for some of the more interesting jobs I've done - recently the centenary brochure for a sporting club.

"For lighter relief see my account of the 1961 vintage Alvis trip.

"The Love Diseases, I have just discovered, has been banned in Ireland for 20 years. Download the text as a PDF

The Smoking book is outlined.

"And look out for excerpts from The Condom Business.

"I also produced a website for the late Paul Lamb, which I have archived here."


Paul Redfern writes and designs ads, brochures, and websites. He used to make documentary films for corporations and governments.

This website contains details and examples. Today he also operates in the voluntary sector, preparing, for example, newsletters, posters and web-sites for community projects at nominal fees.

"Call or email me if you have any needs for editing, proof-reading, or copywriting - brochures, newsletters, press releases, websites..."

The Redfern family tree (left) is maintained by Paul. Download the PDF from here.

The site contains some definitions of the working writer's actions and methods, as well Paul Redfern's background and experience, and some examples of his work (newsletters, books, corporate projects, medical advertising, journalism, web design, and photography). See The Writing Business for some examples from the past. Click here to access some other interests, including digitised images. There is also a detailed index.

Paul Redfern writer/editor .....................Call 0044 (0)20 8960 9420 or email