Off-duty interests

"The first graphic encapsulates my fascination with low- (or min-) tech transport", says Paul Redfern. "The second features another obsession, and the third links them all, I guess. The fourth is a recent indulgence - all but one of the photographs on this page were shot by me."

'Transport through my ages''nothing stays, everything goes'

'Licence for a life untitled''Untitled (burning bush)'

1 "The 1926 12/50 Alvis Tourer is the one I took from the Arctic Circle to Persia across the Soviet Union in 1961; I operated three VW campers over thirty years; and I am now reduced - happily - to a Citroen 2CV 6 Special - which has a tow-bar mounted bike-rack. The other image hints at the radio-telephone I had mounted on a tricycle in the early '70s (I've had mobile wireless connections since the '60s!)."

2 " 'A politician is an arse upon which a man has never sat.' Ogden Nash, I think. We get sat or shat upon all the time. But it passes. Everything disintegrates.

3 And untitled I shall remain. 4 This burning bush is also untitled: my friend's candle with its goaty wax provided the basic image.

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