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Actor admired by Harold Pinter
The Terence Rigby website
Terence Rigby had been in the forefront of stage, film, and television drama for 40 years.
Much to his dismay, many  people still remembered him for ‘Softly, Softly’!
The credits page covers other appearances (‘Waiting for Godot’, ‘No Man’s Land’, e.g.).
And images (still and moving) of an actor’s life offer clues to his range.
One of his extra-curricular activities has been tennis: he had been President of the century-old Paddington Sports Club in West London for many years.
Terry died in August 2008.
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This website had been devised and built for and with Rigby as a promotional tool. Inevitably it now becomes a memorial.

We have included a few of the obituaries, and some links to appreciations. We have left the rest of the website, with his favourite photographs - and a few clips from movies and recitations.

The Rigby family
The Sinclair obit
Rigby’s obituary for his old mate David Sinclair tells as much about Terry as David.
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