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Actor admired by Harold Pinter
Here's a nice photo of Terence- taken in his flat when I was visiting London in 2007. It's not the best one but if you could make it a bit brighter- it will do. I really miss my favourite actor who used to say when seeing me in broken Polish: 'nje jestm pjany' - which means: 'I'm not drunk'...

Ewa Szynaka  25 February 2009
Nje jestm pjany
I am so sad to read about Terence Rigby's passing. I first saw Terry in a play at the National Theatre called "State of Revolution" in which he gave a tour de force performance as Stalin. This was in 1978. My late husband, who was then manager of Macready's, a theatrical nightclub in Covent Garden, was a friend of Terry's and he introduced us.  
Years later, I met Terry again in Washington DC when he was touring with Ian McKellan in Richard III. Terry and I met up a few times in DC and then enjoyed a friendly correspondence for a few months afterwards. I never saw him again, I am sad to say.  
If a pair of red, white and blue braces is found among his personal effects ... they were a gift from me.
 Cynthia Edwards 6 September 2008
A Poignant Moment...

...today while visiting the doctor's surgery situated in the crypt of Marylebone Parish Church. There is a café there called 'More Tea Vicar'. I was reminded of Terry, a regular at lunchtime. He said that their Shepherd's Pie was better than The Ivy's. He wouldn't have to wait three months for it, either.

Catherine Howarth 22 August 2008
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