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'Copy' is, historically, text ready for print. Journalists produce 'copy' for their editors. But the term 'copywriting' has come to mean preparing copy for advertising: ads, brochures, commercials, web-sites, and so on. Paul Redfern has three specialities. Click on the right to see more.


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'Scriptwriting' started as preparing instructions for making films, including locations, camera movements, notes for actors, and, of course, the words spoken. It now includes preparing business presentations of all kinds, including speeches, videos, and multi-media shows.

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'Journalism' covers reporting events for a newspaper or magazine, as well as writing features on specific subjects, and writing comment for leading articles. Newsletters are an important part of community development as well as corporate PR. Some of Paul Redfern's journalism has been travel, and included photography, so these subjects are featured here.

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authorship and proof-reading:

Writing books. Paul Redfern has provided the text for several books, including editing and proof-reading them. He also has book projects - books yet to be published - which vary from ideas searching for a sponsor to books almost completed.

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