The Writing Business:

Some examples of Paul Redfern's copy written over the years:

early days

"Whenever we, as children, had to bring a brimming glass to our lips, our father used to say “Locomotion with no commotion” to enhance the need for a steady hand. So when, during my first days as a copywriter at May & Baker, I was asked to write an ad for Avomine, the phrase leapt to mind - and became my first advertisement in print. My first appearance in the national press had been a few weeks before in the Manchester Guardian in 1958, with a letter that provoked a few days of correspondence. Suddenly I was a medical writer. Daprisal, a year or two later, was wonderful. It combined the Purple Heart drugs (dexedrine and amylobarbitone) with aspirin and phenacetin - perfect for hangovers - if not so good for the liver."









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