The Writing Business:

Some examples of Paul Redfern's copy written over the years:

the eighties -2

"I was - still am - a bit of an expert on self-medication: a hangover from my medical student and pharmaceutical industry days. The HEC job was a natural for me. In the eighties, though, I was also becoming an expert in communications and what was about to be called Information Technology - IT. I've had portable wireless communications since the sixties - from basic military field telephones for a service run by AA and Securicor (in my camper and on my tricycle), through pagers to mobiles. The same with answering machines: in the sixties it was a massive Grundig reel-to-reel which you could access remotely by tapping a code on the mouthpiece of a handset. I wrote about System X, the first British electronic exchanges, before any were in use. By coincidence the first UK exchange to be converted was the Kilburn one covering my bit of St Johns Wood. So I've had call waiting and the other services for over twenty years."


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