The Writing Business:

Some examples of Paul Redfern's copy written over the years:

the seventies - 2

original programming notes for slide show

"Towards the end of the decade I wrote, designed, and produced a multi-media show The Mother of Parliaments for the Palace of Westminster (House of Commons, House of Lords). Writers and designers were not using computers yet, although the show eventually ran electronically. So for the programming session I produced this type of document, with cue numbers on facing pages linking the visual changes with the sound track. This was before television was allowed in the chambers, but after sound recordings had started. The sound extract from the public accounts committee has a witness admitting that a decimal point in the wrong place meant eleven millions missing. The show was shown to visitors to the Palace when Parliament was not sitting. I had the run of the Palace for three months, and interviewed both the Lord Chancellor and the Speaker for the show."

oroginal typescript for commentary for slide show

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